Power:  0.12 - 18.5 kW

RPM:  3000, 1500.1000

Number of poles:  2, 4, 6

Mounting type:  Foot/Flange/Foot+Flange

Brand:  Enertech

Materials:  Stainless steel

Origin:  Australia


Stainless Steel motors are designed and manufactured to operate in extreme conditions with high ambient temperatures, high humidity, water, steam, etc. These motors are IP67 as standard and can operate under water.

The motors can be manufactured in 302, 304, or 316 Grades of Stainless Steel. Standard motors are produced in SS304 Food Grade - for a long service life with no corrosion. This is another advantage of stainless steel motors and suitable for Food industry.

The motors are available in standard IEC frames from 63 to 160 in B3, B5, B35, and B14 configurations and are able to be easily modified to suit different Mounting requirements.

Application fields: seafood, poultry, meat, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics,…

• Anti-condensation heater terminated in the main terminal box.

•  Stainless steel shafts.

• Alternative shaft diameters and/or shaft length.

•  Alternative bearing arrangements

•  Low noise fan and cowl in steel or cowl only in stainless steel.

•  Rain canopy for vertical mount (V1) in steel or stainless steel.

• Class H winding insulation for 180°C working environment.

•  PTC and condensate heater (optional).

•  Grease nipple both DE and NDE bearing for frame size 100L, 112M and 132) if required.

• Especial design for IQF tunner freezer condition.

•  Working temperature -49°C max.

• IPSS with Anti-condensation heater terminated in main terminal box.

•  IP 66 (optional).

•  Double shaft extension.


Serial Number Catalogue Name Download
1 Enertech ESCS-ESI Series Catalogue.pdf Click download

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