Technical Information Single phase ESD motor

Technical Information Single phase ESD motor

Power: 0.09-4 Kw

Speed: 3000, 1500 rpm

Poles: 2,4.

Mounting: foot, flange, foot-flange

Material: Cast / aluminum iron


Detail Information: Single phase EST motor

Enertech single phase motors generally conform to International Standards IEC 60034 và IEC 60072.
-    Cast aluminum motors: ESST: Capacitor-run, output ratings from 0.09KW to 3KW, the starting torque is 0.3~0.7 (ESS) and 0.45~0.75 (ESST) compared with full load.
-    Mounting type: foot mout (B3), flange mount (B5), small flange mount (B14A, B14B), foot-flange mount (B4), foot mount (B3) can be relocated.
-    Standard voltage 220V 50Hz.
-    Class F insulation
-    Level of enclosure protection IP55 (IEC 60034-5).
-    Light weight.
-    To operate with a temperature rise of 40oC.
Enertech single phase motors are suitable for home electric appliances, pumps, fans, air compressors, refrigerators, medical apparatus and many other machines.


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